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7 Tips to De-Stress Your Holiday

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Holidays are a joyous but often stressful time of year. Do you find yourself struggling with thoughts like these…?

  1. This time of year, I always feel that I will gain so much weight that it will take another year to undo it all.

  2. At family gatherings, I feel pressured to eat what my mother-in-law cooked and not able to stick to my plan.

  3. I am afraid of judgment from people, that they will think I am putting myself selfishly first, and not accepting the love they want to show through food.

  4. Exercise is impossible in the winter – I can’t go for a long run outside, because it snows or is way too cold where I live.

  5. I just want to relax and have a good time without all these thoughts running wild in my brain.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone! Here are seven tips for self-care and balance over the holidays.

1. Eat balanced meals leading up to the party:

  1. Consume a large salad with lean protein for lunch. Load it up with a rainbow of anti-inflammatory veggies, like greens, carrots, cucumber, celery, beets, tomatoes, roasted sweet potato or squash, broccoli. Lean proteins like salmon, white fish (haddock, cod, sole), chicken, beans, lentils.

2. Prioritize self-care and sleep:

  1. Holiday season can be draining and our sleep is often lacking. Try to stick to your schedule and aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Sleep plays a key role in supporting immunity and metabolism.

3. Hydrate:

  1. Carry a water bottle while you run errands or shop. Aim for at least 64 oz daily. Try to drink water earlier in the day, to avoid waking up at night for bathroom trips.

4. Bring a healthy snack or appetizer to the party:

  1. The party host is most appreciative when you bring something that everyone will share at the party. It makes guests feel part of your plan too. Here’s a simple, vibrant and healthy dish to consider for your next holiday party.

5. Mocktails:

  1. To reduce or skip alcohol, and to keep up with your hydration plan, bring a mocktail for everyone to share. Drinks are a big part of holiday parties, and you want to be part of the fun.

6. Have a big salad or green smoothie before the party:

  1. While you are driving to the party, drink yummy green smoothies before entering the party. This can help take the edge off hunger, so you can focus on socializing when you arrive.

7. Movement:

  1. In the days surrounding your party, focus on drinking more water and exercising. Even household chores count towards exercise. Keep motivated and energized by aiming for at least 5,000 steps a day.

Hopefully, these practical strategies will help you stay on track while you enjoy the time with family and make lovely memories, which are the only thing you carry forward from these holidays get-togethers. These tips and tricks not only keep you energized but also empower you for the endeavors the new year brings.


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