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About Stacy


My Story

I've been passionate about nutrition, wellness and oncology my entire adult life. I chose a graduate program closer to home to help my grandparents navigate their difficult cancer journeys. When an opportunity arose to be the first integrative medicine dietitian for the number one cancer center in New England, that's also a top five ranked center in the US, I literally jumped at the chance. During my 19 year tenure at the cancer institute, I went on to publish peer reviewed articles, create online media, present to hundreds of professionals and pursue additional credentials, like becoming one of the first in Massachusetts to achieve Board Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition. Most significant for me, has been working 1:1 with thousands of people on their cancer journey, during treatment and survivorship. I truly love this specialty and being a trusted advisor during such a difficult and unique time in a persons life. My patients let me partner with them, and I am incredibly grateful. 

Nutrition always had a strong presence in my life, we grew up gardening and cooking as a family; those are some of  my happiest memories. I began my academic career in journalism, but always loved learning about science and how the body works. As a child, my mother and I suffered from chronic conditions like IBS and migraines.  Once I started understanding on a deeper level, how food and lifestyle can improve day to day living, it became my mission to connect with others and help them thrive with nutrition.  I went on to become credentialed as a personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine.

Food and family still play a huge role in my life. I live with my husband of 20 years, our 2 amazing sons and 3 dogs, outside of Boston in Wellesley, Massachusetts. We have our own garden and, of course, I love to cook! As a mom, I advocate for my son who navigates food allergies and I embrace the daily challenge create meals we can all enjoy. To prioritize self-care, I run, practice yoga and meditation, walk or go to dinner with friends, stream shows, travel and cheer at my sons' ice hockey and football games. 


To provide scientific based nutrition knowledge and practical tools for people concerned with cancer and their wellbeing. To be a trusted advisor and provide guidance and support during a time of uncertainty.

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