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Healthy BBQ Eating for Everyone

Here are some healthy tips for a fun, holiday BBQ!  Enjoy celebrating summer while feeling energized.

Don’t linger near the food table.

Socializing at a BBQ is great but don’t do it near the food! If you’re standing around the food table watching everyone eating you’ll be tempted to pick at foods that you might not normally select. Take your plate of healthy options and walk away. Find a place to settle farther away from the food. Enjoy your conversations without being distracted.

Bring your own dish.

If you bring a healthy dish then you don’t have to worry that there will be nothing for you to eat there. You’ll give yourself and everyone else a healthy choice! Bringing a healthy dish guarantees that you will have at least one dish to eat during the party and you’ll be encouraging your friends and family to try something new.

Grill up some veggie burgers.

Hamburgers and hotdogs are the grill classics when it comes to summer parties but veggie burgers also taste great on a grill! If you choose to eat meat it can be part of a healthy diet, but options like burgers and hotdogs are usually covered in less-than-optimal toppings, or full of sodium and questionable ingredients. Throwing some plant-based veggie burgers on the grill make for a great nutrient dense addition to your grill repertoire. Look for brands that are made up of vegetables and grains (avoid processed soy versions) or make your own! Stay tuned in to our blog for an upcoming veggie burger review!

Focus on fruits and veggies.

The star of the show at BBQs is often on the grill. But the star of your plate should be nutrient dense fruit and vegetable dishes. Grab some fruit salad, vegetable crudité or corn on the cob. These sides will help fill you up thanks to their fiber, while providing you with micronutrients and beneficial phytochemicals.

Stay hydrated!

Water is important any time of year especially in the summer when the temperature rises. You’ll most likely be losing more water through sweat so you’ll need to up your fluid game. Often times we confuse being thirsty with being hungry and eat when we don’t necessarily need it. Hydrating consistently can help curb that false appetite sensation.  A fruit infused water can be a tasty way to beat the heat.

Allison Mars, Dietetic intern is a Boston University alumni with a  BS in nutrition.

Allison is passionate about using whole foods to heal, and keep our bodies working their best


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